2023 3rd International Conference on Information Technology and Contemporary Sports (TCS 2023)
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The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Call For Papers

◔ Internet and college sports

◔ Application of Big data Analysis in Chinese Students' Physical Fitness Monitoring

◔ Application of Internet of Things in sports remote monitoring system

◔ Application of computer and network technology in fitness and health management

◔ Combination of physical medicine and health management platform construction

◔ Application of computer Modeling and Simulation technology in physical education teaching and training

◔ Research on the Integration of Information Technology and physical education teaching process

◔ Research on the application of mobile Internet, smart wearable devices and other information technologies in sports

◔ Research on intelligent auxiliary training equipment

◔ Application of mobile Internet, remote sensing technology and cloud computing in sports

◔ Development and application of intelligent analysis and decision support system for sports Match data

◔ Research and application of advanced technology and process in sports engineering field

◔ Research on innovative sports education reform mode of network information technology

◔ The application of Internet of Things and edge computing technology in the integration of sports and tourism industries

◔ Visual analysis of sports information resources research

◔ Exploration of the mode of sharing sports information resources on Internet

◔ Research on Big Data in sports culture construction and digital dissemination

◔ Other relevant directions